A downloadable game

A game made for Brackey's Game Jam 2.

The theme was 'Love is Blind'

WASD to move, Mouse to Look around

***Make sure to read the backstory***


InTheLoveOfLight.zip 112 MB


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Storytelling was interesting and nice to the theme. 

I can see you have powerful game engine experience. And 3D game is unique in this jam. Nice environments layout and the UI menu layout. Light effect improve the game lots. If you can increase little bit speed would be best experience. I am very like your graphics and audio BTW.

Hey thank you so much! These words mean a lot to me.

Please rate as well!

I have rated yesterday and played your game again today~

Wow! Thank you. I've also decided to expand this game and work on it! Lots of changes have been made. I think It'll make a good game