A downloadable game for Windows

Gates Attacker Virus, is a small puzzle game where you play as a virus and your job is to infect the whole computer before it shuts down. 

Gamejam Link : Brackeys GameJam

Tools Used:

1. Blender
2. Unity
3. Bosca Coeil

Fonts from 1001fonts ( Font name : Stupid Meeting)

Happy Virus-ing


GatesAttackerVirus-build-windows.rar 13 MB
GatesAttackerVirus-build-windows.zip 16 MB


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The Controls Are Not Working!

Strange. Are you sure the controls are assigned in the launcher when launching the .exe?

Can you make a mac version of the game?

Really sorry man, I wish I could

It's pretty cool. Just needs a lot of polishing. I want more :)